Player Representation

With a strong understanding of the sport, Polofix has an acute awareness of a player’s value within the marketplace. Polofix endeavour to achieve maximum financial return for the athletes it represents, whilst balancing this with sound career guidance and advice. 

Recognising its position as the link between the player and their team/ prospective team, Polofix strive to maintain a positive working relationship with all major teams, patrons and managers within the polo industry. Aware of the importance of factors which may impact on a player outside of the playing field, Polofix ensure that its services extend to offering objective advice on various lifestyle decisions too.

When structuring a contract, Polofix will work to secure favourable payment terms and will manage the collection of fees, ensuring all possible scenarios are covered within that contract. Drawing on the expertise of the Polofix team and company partners, TLA Worldwide, Polofix aspire to negotiate the best structured contract tailored to suit the individual player.

Polofix staff are available on an on-call basis for any of their athletes to provide the following services:

  • Playing contracts, including; negotiation, implementation of a binding contract, payment collection and enforcement
  • Legal elements, including; governing body endorsement, a legal and advisory team and general advice
  • Insurance, including; implementation of players Insurance – loss of income, employers liability insurance and pony mortality insurance
  • Financial management, including taxation advice
  • Marketing and media management, including; opportunity procurement, media contract negotiations, media appearance advice and training
  • Health and wellbeing advice, including; direction on fitness, nutrition and medical cover
  • Ongoing career advice including insuring the players financial security post playing career